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Morning Star Tree

Morning Star Tree by Larry Carlson.

This picture and many more are from the new collection of works that you can see at the Larry Carlson Studio Shop.

Before and After Pictures of "Hidden Kingdom Farm"

Larry Carlson photographing the landscape.

Here is a look at the before and after shots of my recent work "Hidden Kingdom Farm". I take my own original photos to start as the basis of the digital artwork.


Then I experiment with digital effects and post-production on the computer. Usually this is a process that takes many days of work.


"Hidden Kingdom Farm" is from the new collection of works that you can see at the Larry Carlson Studio Shop.

New Work : Spirit of the Lake

Brand new work created by Larry Carlson.  "Spirit of the Lake" is from the new collection of works that you can see at the Larry Carlson Studio Shop.

Larry Carlson Working on Collage Artwork

Larry Carlson working on collage artwork.

Trend Hunter Magazine Article on Larry Carlson's Artwork

Trend Hunter Magazine's artist feature on Larry Carlson.

"Larry Carlson’s art is a mirror of our subconscious mind. It possess dreamlike qualities and a special technique full of exploration with a simple direction of attention to detail."

Read the full article here-

Trendhunter/Larry Carlson

Museum of Modern Art (MOMA): Collage Art Book Exhibit

Permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art.

These hand made original collage art books were made as an artistic collaboration betwwen Brian Belott, Larry Carlson and other artists. On display at the show Book/Shelf in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City from March 26 - July 7, 2008.

Original hand-made collage art book.

These artworks are made of children's books found in thrift stores and at flea markets. During "collage party art jam sessions " with Brian Belott and other artists, Larry Carlson pasted elements over each page of the original publications, turning them into unique artist's books. Installation of sixty-five illustrated books on table is now in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art.

Museum of Modern Art / Larry Carlson

Afternoon Day Dream : How it's Made

Here's a look at the artistic process for making my "Afternoon  Day Dream" picture.

Lakeside Day Dream, by Larry Carlson, 2010.

For some pictures that have people in them, I use models that I shoot in a photo studio, and then later on the computer I merge them together into one image.

To bring the image to life. I then digitally paint with my electronic brush on the photo, apply digital effects and overly design elements. Sometimes it takes working on and off the image for several days, or weeks, other times it happens all in one day.

Larry Carlson at work in the photo studio.

"Afternoon Day Dream" is from the new collection of works that you can see at the Larry Carlson Studio Shop.

Quote of the Day

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."
~Pablo Picasso

Poncz Magazine featuring Larry Carlson's Collage Artwork

Yucatan Collage #8, 2010, by Larry Carlson.

Poncz, a polish contemporary photography magazine, recently did a feature on the collage artwork of Larry Carlson. Check it out here -
Also available as a free .PDF file download.

Poncz Magazine.pdf


Beautiful / Decay Magazine : Spotlight on Larry Carlson's Art

"Beautiful yet jarring, welcoming yet otherworldly, Carlson’s work is a true feast for the eye. "

Read the full article here-
BeautifulDecay / Larry Carlson

Gathering of the Vibes : Larry Carlson Exhibit

Larry Carlson artwork exhibit at Gathering of the Vibes Music Festival in Bridgeport CT, July 2010. Featuring music by Furthur (feat. Phil Lesh & Bob Weir of Grateful Dead ), Jimmy Cliff, Damian Marley, NAS, Primus, Mix Master Mike and more.